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Emma Quintin

The Incredible Dr. Khan

He shook my hand, said “Come on in….”
With warmth and a cheeky grin.
At once I felt calm; at ease,
Confident to place my trust in him.

He placed his satchel on the ground,
And promptly took a seat.
I liked this man and his friendly smile,
He was positively upbeat.

With his shiny shoes and funky socks,
This man was one of style.
With listening ears and a soft approach,
I rambled for a while.

With 16th of August set as the date,
I was ready to take a chance.
With the hope of life renewed again,
And a better outward glance.

We met again, satchel in hand,
He said “How are you today?
Which eye is it? I’ll mark you up,
And let’s be on our way!”

So in I went and there I lay,
Ready to begin.
So well, I knew, in safe hands, I was,
All my trust I placed in him.

I woke up feeling fine, but hungry,
Munched on crisp and drank.
There was one man I was waiting on,
The man I had to thank.

Then he appeared, satchel in hand,
Holding a cup of tea.
His radiant smile and glowing face,
Beaming straight at me.

“How are you doing are you okay?
Let me take a look”.
He got his Samsung phone straight out,
And a photo he then took!

After the measurements were taken,
An agreement then was made.
“Let’s tie it off! It’ll take ten minutes,
Then you’ll be on your way!”

It took just three, seemingly to me,
But who was I to know?
With a steady hand but gentle touch,
There was a knot, a nod, “you’re good to go!”

Unique a kind-hearted come to mind,
You help people near and far.
Thank you Dr Irfan Khan,
You truly are star!