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Chaudhry Ata Elahi Eye Trust Hospital, Haveli Lakha, Punjab

This eye trust was founded by my late father Dr. Muhammad Akram Khan in 1996. It was a small dream which unfolded into an eye hospital. It is situated in Haveli Lakha city in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Till date, it provides high-quality eye care to the underprivileged people in the region.

The eye hospital is fully equipped to perform Cataract surgeries. In the rural areas of Pakistan, Cataract surgery can be life changing. This is because without their vision, they cannot do their jobs, which ultimately creates a big socioeconomic burden.

The services/treatments provided are:

1.     Complex and simple Cataract surgery

2.     All medical ophthalmic treatments

3.     Glaucoma surgery

4.     Pterygium surgery

5.     Cycloplegic Refraction for children

Further complex treatments requiring more investigations are sent to our main hospital in Lahore—Akram Eye Hospital, Defence, Lahore.